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My second RCD330 - Murt55 - 13-09-2021

Looking for advice please ?

I previously bought a Noname RCD330 from eBay, to install into my 2012 VW Caddy. The unit was perfect, and was a complete 'plug and play' system. It is still working now (2years) and no problems.  Smile

I also have a 2007MY VW EOS, and would like to replace the OEM unit for another RCD330, and would like advice or a link on where to buy safely, as do not want to end up being sent a 360 !! also if possible I am led to believe that i will have to buy a gateway simulator ? for the cable, and would like a link to which one that will suit ?

Will this work plug and play with a RCD330

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Any help will be greatly appreciated  Big Grin