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Overheating/no audio or display? - Alexgregory21 - 07-25-2018


I installed the RCD 330 Plus 187B Desay a couple of weeks ago in my 2013 Tiguan. I did the simple plug-and-play connection and the product worked as advertised, but this morning, I noticed first no audio on the FM stations. Carplay still worked for a little bit, and then that stopped as well. Eventually, the display went black and was unresponsive to any button input. I had noticed that since I installed it, the unit seemed to draw power as my phone would still charge after I shut the engine off (I tested it a couple hours after the engine was off to ensure that it was still drawing power). 

After the blackout this morning, I'm worried that the unit will potentially blow a fuse in my car rendering the current wiring useless. I'm really tempted to go back to the original RCD 310 unit that came with the Tiguan to avoid having a nonworking stereo. 

Has anyone had similar issues? If so, are there any known solutions to this type of problem?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


RE: Overheating/no audio or display? - ADW1 - 07-30-2018

(07-25-2018, 09:28 PM)Alexgregory21 Wrote:

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I have a NoName 187B 5314/C210 installed in a 2014 Tiguan - I won't say it works perfectly as none of them do - but it's good enough to justify using it.
What hardware/software/Bluetooth versions do you have as I haven't had any of the problems which you have experienced?

RE: Overheating/no audio or display? - VWR - 07-31-2018

Hi what model of your car?
Before 2010 year cars, either gateway should be replaced or gateway's firmware should be updated.
It can be power on usb plug, however it will not consume unless you plug any consumer.

RE: Overheating/no audio or display? - bergenhansa - 09-30-2019

Did you ever figure out the issue. My unit went completely dead today just like the way you described.  Undecided