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Volume knob issue - MatoC9 - 07-16-2019

I had my RCD330 Plus for 1.5 years and the volume knob started acting weird.
Everytime I want to change the volume, it sometimes ignores me rotating the knob, sometimes it makes volume go lower/higher by 2 steps, sometimes it goes up and down or down and up at one time.
Is there anything I can do with this?

RE: Volume knob issue - evonb - 09-27-2019

I experience the same issue. I almost always am using CarPlay, so I don't know if my "fix" works for Radio/Bluetooth/etc. If I try and adjust the volume and the knob doesn't respond, pausing whatever is playing (usually Spotify through CarPlay) and playing again will "re-enable" the volume control.

A similar issue occurs with the right-hand knob, which I usually will navigate to the fast-forward touch button with so that I can easily change songs without looking. If that knob doesn't respond, usually I just have to touch the screen to perform whatever action I was trying to use the knob for and it will work again.

RE: Volume knob issue - ErsinCakir - 09-27-2019

Did you try flashing an other firmware?
What is your radio HW/SW information?