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VW T5.1 rcd330 187E VW T5.1 battery drain - bigrdw - 07-08-2019


Since installing my 187E I am getting the battery drain. Can someone help me with what I need to do on my VW T5.1 to stop it?


RE: VW T5.1 rcd330 187E VW T5.1 battery drain - bigrdw - 07-09-2019

Will this solve my problem?

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RE: VW T5.1 rcd330 187E VW T5.1 battery drain - dubaidrives - 08-15-2019

I was looking at the same product. One seller "Bodenla" messaged me that a RCD330+ and the Steering Wheel Adapter with Canbus Emulator will enable the steering wheel controls and also solve battery drain issue for my 2007 Mk5 Golf R32... Haven't bought either yet... still looking to find out...

RE: VW T5.1 rcd330 187E VW T5.1 battery drain - rcduser2 - 08-15-2019

For Volkswagen before 2009, most of them will have battery drain issues after installing RCD340G.

1. Volkswagen original solution = replaces the old gateway with a new gateway, which solves battery drain issues.

Advantages: More stable, the time of the VW system can be obtained directly through the gateway, and the background light of the RCD340G can be synchronized with the control of the vehicle system of the Volkswagen system. It can solve battery drain issue.

Disadvantages: It can not solve the problem of multi-function steering wheel control for MK4 and MK5 (8 bottons steering wheel). Some buttons are invalid. But for MK6(12 bottons steering wheel) it can solve this problem.

2. OEM solution = Add the gateway simulator to solve the battery drain issue.  Keep old gateway. 

There are two kinds of simulator adapters,
one can only solve battery drain issue, 
the other one can solve battery drain issue, and also solve the ctrol of the multi-function steering wheel. 

Advantages: It is easy to install without replace the gateway. Although it can not completely replace the function of the gateway, but it can solve the problem of battery drain, and it can solve the problem of multi-function steering wheel control.
Disadvantages: Sometimes unstable. 

In general, if you have a Multifunction Steering Wheel, I personally recommend buying the Multifunction Steering Wheel Button Control Simulator Adapter for MK4 and MK5 (8 bottons steering wheel).

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