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Rcd 330 187B desay carplay

I have the carplay version from desay. I can say i am pretty much happy with it.
Anyway just a few infos after installing it:
- the audio and phone menu on the maxidot are no longer available
- climatronic info on the rcd330 screen is not available
- only one car (golf variant) available in the parking mode (parking sensors)
- does not recognize advance audio system (eg. 8+ speaker, tweeter and subwoofer). It works, but above 50% loudness the audio quality is lower. Also you can‘t use the fader option (front-rear) just the balance (left-right).

I did not use the audio and phone mode on the maxidot, i use it just to display my speed Smile
The climatronic is always on auto mode so this is also fine for me.
But i hope that they will soon make an update for the advance audio system, and also with new cars.

I hope this hepls

PS: offtopic, i‘m trying to jailbreak my iphone, to get also waze and goggle maps on the carplay Smile) if anyone could help me with that, it would be great Smile

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