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RCD330/330G Backlight flashes
Problem: It can happen that everything works fine plug&play except when the HU is turned off the backlights flashing in every cca 7 second. (This can be also a warning sign that Battery Drain will happen)

Reason: Can compatibility

Easy Solution: If the original connector's Can+ cable is orange/blue than disconnect it or cut it from the harness and connect it with the orange/green from Climatronic.

This will solve the problem only if the above mentioned colors exist. Other colors I have no idea, but you can give it a try.

UPDATE: Please Note After making this modification you might going to face VCDS coding issues in 46-Central Conv. and 19-CAN Gateway as connection might get lost.
Also Battery Drain issues will not be solved by this modification, only the flashing lights.
Thank you .. you can try other solution have on forum.
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