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Volkswagen RNS 510 coding Amplifier
Volkswagen RNS 510 coding when installing with a factory amplifier

When retrofitting a RNS 510 into a vehicle with a factory amplifier coding is required to drop the “output stage power 26 dB” to “output stage line-out 12 dB”.  Poor sound quality and other problems will occur if this coding is not performed, the easiest way to see that the coding has not been performed correctly is that the fader option does not work for front/rear operation.

To make the chances you will need a dealer tool or Vagcom/VCDS. This guide covers the use of Vagcom/VCDS.

Open controller 37 – navigation and click on coding – 07

[Image: 1.gif]

Click Long Coding Helper

[Image: 2.gif]

Byte 1 select Bit 01 – Volkswagen Sound System.

This is the standard amplifier used in many Volkswagen cars, this changes the outputs from High to Low.

[Image: 3.gif]

Byte 2 select Bit 00 – Sound System (active Speakers)

[Image: 4s.gif]

Byte 4 select Bit 01 – Speaker Monitoring Inactive (Sound System)

This turns off the speaker monitoring, the amplifier which is driving the speakers is performing this task and will report any problems with the speakers. If there is no amplifier the headunit does this checking.

[Image: 5.gif]

Byte 5 select Bit 00 – Equalization: Linear

[Image: 6.gif]

Exit the long coding helper and save the changes. The RNS 510 doesn’t require a reboot and should start sounding better.

Another change that can be beneficial is changing the loudness, this can be performed by entering the test mode.
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